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The AWA Japan Women's Championship is a women's professional wrestling title in the AWA Superstars of Wrestling Promotion (legally and historically unrelated to the American Wrestling Association). It is spun off from the AWA Superstars of Wrestling's version of the World Women's Championship.

The AWA Superstars of Wrestling's version of the World Women's Championship was created in 1999 in Dale Gagner's independent promotion AWA Superstars of Wrestling, who relicensed the AWA name. However, World Wrestling Entertainment has sued Gagner for the use of the AWA name, citing trademark infringement, as the WWE owns the AWA tape library, trademarks, and logos. AWA Superstars of Wrestling has claimed lineage for their world title to the classic AWA Women's title and control over the title history, but because there is no connection to the original organizations or individuals involved therein, no continuity in title reigns or even physical belts, and questionable legal use of the AWA name, the claims made by AWA Superstars of Wrestling are in historical dispute and in legal jeopardy. AWA Superstars of Wrestling awarded the title to Sherri Martel in 1999.

The current version of the title, the AWA Japan Women's Championship, was created when the AWA Superstars of Wrestling's version of the AWA World Women's Championship was retired following the death of former champion Sherri Martel on June 15, 2007. The AWA, wanting to still recognize the current champion, recognized then-champion Nanae Takahashi of Pro Wrestling Zero1 as the first AWA Japan Women's Champion.

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