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Worldwide Wrestling Associates (WWA) was a professional wrestling promotion based in Los Angeles. The promotion was established in 1958 originally as the North American Wrestling Alliance (NAWA). It was run by Mike LeBell.


The promotion's origin was attributed to events that occurred in the various promotional territories of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) during an NWA World Heavyweight Championship match between Édouard Carpentier and Lou Thesz in 1957. Carpentier defeated Thesz when Thesz was deemed unfit to continue due to back injury, and while some NWA territories recognized Carpentier as champion, the NWA voided his victory. The dispute resulted in some territories seceding from the NWA, which led to the formation of the North American Wrestling Alliance in Los Angeles. Carpentier was then officially recognized as the NAWA World Heavyweight Champion in October 1959. NAWA also chose to include Carpentier's disputed NWA World Heavyweight Championship reign from 1957 as part of the NAWA World Heavyweight Championship lineage.

The promotion was renamed to Worldwide Wrestling Associates in 1961. Owner Mike LeBell ran shows at the Olympic Auditorium. LeBell eventually hired Gory Guerrero, who helped him run shows for two years.

When the promotion changed its name in 1961, it resulted in the title being renamed the WWA World Heavyweight Championship to reflect the new acronym. However, the title remained active until 1968 when WWA rejoined the NWA and became the territorial promotion known as NWA Hollywood Wrestling, choosing to recognize the NWA World Heavyweight Championship over the former title. NWA Hollywood Wrestling continued to operate until folding on December 26, 1982.


  • WWA World Heavyweight Championship - The title was established as an offshoot of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship when Edouard Carpentier became recognized as champion in Los Angeles, when the promotion was then known as the North American Wrestling Alliance. The championship was renamed with the promotion in 1961 and was abandoned in 1968 after WWA joined the NWA and was renamed NWA Hollywood Wrestling.
  • WWA World Tag Team Championship - The tag team championship of WWA. It was created in 1964 and defended in WWA until 1968. At that point, WWA became a National Wrestling Alliance affiliate, and the title was renamed to the NWA Americas Tag Team Championship.

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