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The World Wrestling Association (WWA) is a lucha libre promotion based in the Tijuana-area of Mexico. It was founded in 1986 by Benjamin Mora Jr.. It featured some of Mexico's best luchadores at the time such as Rey Mysterio Jr., La Parka and Juventud Guerrera during the late 1980s and early 1990s and was also featured on American television via the Fox Sports en Español channel.

Although inactive during the late 1990s, during which time much of its roster had left to compete in World Championship Wrestling and international promotions, the World Wrestling Association resumed operations in 2004.


  • WWA World Heavyweight Championship
  • WWA Light Heavyweight Championship
  • WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship
  • WWA World Lightweight Championship
  • WWA Middleweight Championship
  • WWA World Welterweight Championship
  • WWA Tag Team Championship
  • WWA Trios Championship
  • WWA World Women's Championship
  • WWA World Minis Championship
  • WWA Exotico Championship

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