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The World Wrestling Association was an Indianapolis-based pro wrestling promotion which was operated by Dick "The Bruiser" Afflis and his business partner Wilbur Snyder. The WWA was affiliated with the larger American Wrestling Association and recognized its champions, though the WWA also had its own champions. The WWA also recognized the championships of the Indianapolis-based Powerful Women of Wrestling promotion as their women's champions in the late 1980s.


The World Wrestling Association (WWA) was established in 1964 by Dick Afflis and Wilbur Snyder. The duo purchased the Indianapolis NWA promotion in 1964 from its longtime owner Jim Barnett, who at that time was attempting to start up a promotion in Australia. The name of the promotion was taken from the former promotions in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas.

A talent sharing agreement with American Wrestling Association (AWA) head (and longtime champion) Verne Gagne brought forth other talent, including The Crusher, Baron von Raschke and Bobby Heenan. In addition, amateur wrestler Greg Wojciechowski wrestled for the WWA under the name "The Great Wojo" and held the WWA World Heavyweight Championship three times. In later years, Scott Steiner got his start in the WWA under his real name, Scott Rechsteiner.

The WWA tried to make a go of it in the mid-1980s, when Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation was buying regional promotions across the country, but the Bruiser's advancing age and the talent drain to the WWF was too much and the WWA folded in about 1989. Championships


  • WWA World Heavyweight Championship
  • WWA World Tag Team Championship

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