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The World Wrestling Alliance (WWA, formerly known as World Wrestling Stars and WWA New England) was a New England-based American independent professional wrestling promotion located in Massachusetts, founded by former WWF referee Fred Sparta and his brother Mike in 1996. Fred retired in the year 2000 and the company was taken over by Focal Point Consulting. In October 2010, Mike Sparta inherited the company due to his longtime "partner" Bob Ambrose tragic passing. The company briefly changed its name to World Wrestling Stars in 2009, and then WWA New England a year later. The promotion has been a part of the New England "indy scene" for over 15 years. It has regularly featured "Attitude Era" stars from the World Wrestling Federation including Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, The Undertaker, "Psycho" Sid Vicious, Goldust, Steven Regal, Val Venis, [[Tom Brandi], The Patriot, Gangrel, Bart Gunn, Doink the Clown, The Godfather, Prince Albert, Scotty 2 Hotty, Rosey the Superhero, Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz. The World Wrestling Alliance also brought The Oddities to town on numerous occasions.

Sabu, "Prime Time" Brian Lee, Spike Dudley, Stevie Richards and [[The Blue Meanie] from Extreme Championship Wrestling have also been brought in as well as older veteran wrestlers such as "Dangerous" Danny Davis, George "The Animal" Steele, Pat Tanaka, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, The Giant Silva, Dory Funk, Jr. and manager Jim Cornette. The WWA also hosted Jim Cornette and his New Midnight Express.

In April 1998, the World Wrestling Federation came to the WWS (then the WWA) looking for a place where the next generation of WWE stars could compete, and the WWS became the home of many of its future stars. The promotion has also developed many stars that have gone on to the WWE through the WWS/WWA New England Training Camps whose past trainers have included Super Nova & Dr. Tom Prichard. Many former wrestlers for Extreme Championship Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment competed in the promotion for years before entering the pros, most notably, Aaron Stevens, Kenny Dykstra, John Quinlan, and John Stagikas. Quinlan had his debut match in the WWA facing Stagikas on November 26, 1999. Its last show was held on November 13, 2010, following the death of longtime commissioner Bob Ambrose.


  • WWA Heavyweight Championship
  • WWA United States Championship
  • WWA Cruiserweight Championship
  • WWA Tag Team Championship

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