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The West Coast Wrestling Connection (WCWC) is a professional wrestling organization based in Salem, Oregon. The WCWC has a monthly television taping in Portland, Oregon. These shows are broadcast Saturday nights at midnight on KPDX-TV (KPDX 49/Comcast 13).

The WCWC was founded by Jeff Manning and Pat Kelley. They are currently managed by Jeff Manning (CEO), Herb Kraft (COO), Robert Blagman (CMO), Len Denton (Director of Wrestling Operations), and Rock Riddle (Director of Talent and Media Relations).

The WCWC had its inaugural show in Salem, Oregon on March 20, 2005. Shows are held across western Oregon, with a monthly live event in Salem.

The WCWC on PDX TV debuted on May 24, 2014. The promotion shoots a live TV taping, typically the first Saturday of each month. These tapings were originally held at the Bob White Theatre in Southeast Portland, but have since relocated to the Jackson Armory. The television broadcasts are hosted by Todd Keneley and Jeff Akin.

On October 22, 2013, it was one of nine wrestling promotions to create a new wrestling body, the United Wrestling Network. Championships


  • WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship
  • WCWC Legacy Championship
  • WCWC Tag Team Championship
  • WCWC Lightning Division Championship

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