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WWF All American Wrestling was a cable television program produced by the [[[WWE|World Wrestling Federation (WWF)]]. The show was a predecessor to WWF Tuesday Night Titans and WWF Saturday Night's Main Event, originally filling the 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time slot on Sundays vacated by the cancellation of Southwest Championship Wrestling. The show ran from September 4, 1983 to October 16, 1994 on the USA Network. After it was canceled in 1994, it was replaced by WWF Action Zone.

WWF All American Wrestling was formally a show that featured mainly high-card wrestlers from various promotions across the United States. However, after a few months it featured WWF talent only. Although the USA Cable Network had carried WWF events from New York's Madison Square Garden and the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, this was the first weekly national telecast of the original flagship shows for the World Wrestling Federation.

By the early '90s, the show mainly re-aired matches and segments from other WWF programs and featured one exclusive match. Vince McMahon was the original host of the program. Afterward, Lord Alfred Hayes became host. Subsequently, Gene Okerlund took over hosting duties and stayed there for most of its run.

In 1993, Johnny Polo was added as co-host to replace Bobby Heenan. The final hosts for All American Wrestling were Todd Pettengill and Ted DiBiase.

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