WWE Vintage
WWE Vintage is a television program from WWE showcasing action from the extensive WWE video library. The show is hosted by Gene Okerlund and Renee Young.

Vintage is shown in Canada on Sportsnet 360, in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Sky Sports (until 2014), in Australia on FOX8 (until mid-2013), in South Africa on eKasi+, in the Philippines on Fox Channel Asia, in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan on Ten Sports, in the Middle East on ShowSports 4, in Japan on J Sports. Eurosport shows Vintage in all its European territories excluding the UK. In early September 2012, Astro SuperSport 3 aired Vintage in Malaysia.

WWE Vintage Collection
The show premiered in June 2008 as Vintage Collection, replacing WWE Heat in the overseas markets in which it still aired. Each episode typically showcases 4 or 5 matches around a common theme (a particular wrestler, a major event, a division, etc.). Such themes can expand through 3 or 4 consecutive episodes.

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