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The United Wrestling Network (UWN) is a cooperative group of professional wrestling promotions from the United States. Formed in 2013, nine wrestling promotions created a new wrestling body, the United Wrestling Network.


On October 21, 2013, David Marquez, promoter of "Championship Wrestling from Hollywood", announced the creation of a new governing body for professional wrestling. It is a plan for televised groups to work together and pool resources to help secure national advertising campaigns across the Network and also share in recognizing a UWN champion, who would travel through the groups similar to how the old NWA champion did in the territory era. The criteria for participating are simple - there is no “Membership”, “Franchise” or “Affiliate” fees. All sanctioned promotions must have a television broadcast or agree to terms to produce a broadcast to participate.

On Summer 2014, CWFH announced a tournament to crown the first UWN World Heavyweight Champion

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