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The Corre was a heel stable that wrestled on WWE's SmackDown brand in 2011. The stable was formed after Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater left The Nexus and allied with Ezekiel Jackson.

After Wade Barrett was kicked out of the The Nexus by new leader CM Punk, he moved to the SmackDown brand from Raw. While under CM Punk, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater refused to perform their initiation to stay in the group and left the Nexus. On the January 14 episode of SmackDown, Gabriel and Slater interfered during Barrett's match with Big Show, attacking Show. They were joined by Ezekiel Jackson who continued the attack by body-slamming Big Show. Big Show continued to feud with the group throughout its existence. On the January 21 episode of SmackDown, the group named themselves "The Corre" and announced that the Corre would be leaderless as all the members were equals. They all competed in the Royal Rumble, but were all eliminated by different wrestlers.

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