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The Authority is a villainous stable in WWE, which originated due to Triple H helping Randy Orton win the WWE Championship at WWE SummerSlam 2013. The stable is led by company executives Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, and many other wrestlers have been part of the group, most notably Seth Rollins as the hand-picked "future of the business", Kane as the "Director of Operations", and Randy Orton as the Authority's hand-picked champion and "face of the WWE". The Shield formerly acted as the Authority's main henchmen to offer protection or carry out attacks until March 2014.

The name of "the Authority" was introduced in October 2013. The Authority shares similarities with The Corporation and The McMahon-Helmsley Faction, and has also had ties to Triple H's previous stables D-Generation X and Evolution.

The Authority initially ended on November 23, 2014 at Survivor Series when their team lost to Team Cena in the main event; however, they were brought back by John Cena on the December 29 episode of Raw.


Current Members

  • Triple H - August 19, 2013–present - Co-leader.
  • Stephanie McMahon - August 19, 2013–present - Co-leader.
  • Seth Rollins - August 19, 2013–April 7, 2014, June 2, 2014–present - Joined as a member of The Shield, Rejoined after turning against The Shield.
  • Kane - October 28, 2013-April 27,2015 - Director of Operations
  • Joey Mercury - September 19, 2014–present - J&J Security.
  • Jamie Noble - September 19, 2014–present - J&J Security.
  • Big Show - November 23, 2014–present - Joined after turning against Team Cena at Survivor Series.

Former Members