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Scott Hudson (born September 20, 1964) is a retired professional wrestling commentator, most notable for his work in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), starting in 1995.

He began his wrestling announcing career in 1990, when he joined with the now defunct Global Wrestling Federation, before joining WCW, where he joined longtime WCW play-by-play commentator Tony Schiavone on several Nitro and pay-per-view broadcasts. He also commentated alongside Mike Tenay on WCW Thunder broadcasts. He remained with WCW until the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) bought WCW in 2001. He announced the final TNT broadcast of WCW Nitro.

Following that, he joined World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) briefly, announcing with Arn Anderson as rival announcers in the WCW-ECW Invasion angle. His stint didn't last long, as he said about his experience in WWE, "Basically, I was there exactly as long as they wanted me to be and exactly as long as I wanted to be there."

Hudson later joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) as a backstage interviewer and fill-in announcer in 2003, reuniting with former WCW colleagues Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash).

His last announcing job was in Vince Russo's Christian wrestling promotion, Ring of Glory, where he announced an event in 2005.

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