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In 2004, allegedly Rob Feinstein met a ’14 year old boy’ through instant message. They made plans to meet and ‘hang out’ at the boys house. He claimed that his sister was partying in New York and his parents away, and gave Feinstein his address in Chicago. When he arrived at the boys house, he was welcomed with news cameras, and then drove away. Soon after, he resigned from both Ring of Honor and RFVideo. Feinstein would wind up taking back control of RF Video but has never been involved with ROH since.

When this situation took place, many people were scared not only for the future of TNA’s relationship with ROH, but for the future of ROH as a company. If it wasn't for Cary Silkin, ROH would have probably went under, but luckily Cary believed in the product so much and in the guys on the roster that he would spend the next seven years funding it as the owner before selling it to Sinclair Broadcasting in 2011. Feinstein actually claimed a few months ago that it was all a plan by Cary and other ROH front office staff to get him out of the job.

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