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Richard Reid Fliehr (February 26, 1988 – March 29, 2013) was an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Reid Flair. He was the youngest son of retired professional wrestler Ric Flair, younger half-brother of wrestler David Flair, and younger brother of Charlotte.

Fliehr wrestled two matches in the now defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW). In the first, on October 4, 1998, he was ten years old when he defeated Eric Bischoff and on June 12, 2000, he teamed with his father Ric in a loss to David Flair and Vince Russo in a tag team match. Fliehr made an appearance on March 29, 2008 during the WWE Hall of Fame. The next night, he made his first WWE WrestleMania appearance with his family representing Ric Flair in the Hall of Fame. He also sat at ringside during the WWE WrestleMania 24 event. He appeared on Raw the following night with his family to honor his father's career.

On March 29, 2013, Reid Fliehr was found dead in bed at a Residence Inn in the SouthPark hotel room in Charlotte, North Carolina. In June 2013, Fliehr's autopsy revealed he had died from an accidental overdose of heroin and the prescription drugs clonazepam and alprazolam.

  • NWA Mid-Atlantic Heritage Championship
  • Xtreme World Wrestling United States Heavyweight Championship

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