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Powerful Women of Wrestling (also known as POWW) is a defunct professional wrestling promotion based out of Indianapolis, Indiana founded by David McLane, founder of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and Women of Wrestling.


After David McLane left Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW), he returned to Indianapolis and created Powerful Women of Wrestling (POWW). Many wrestlers left GLOW due to pay disputes and joined McLane's new POWW promotion under altered ring names. Unlike GLOW (which focused on comedy, variety, and skits), POWW focused more on actual wrestling. POWW was aligned with World Wrestling Association in Indianapolis and their titles were sometimes referred to as the WWA Women's Championship and WWA Women's Tag Team Championship. They were also briefly aligned with the American Wrestling Association during 1989. That same year, many of the POWW wrestlers were featured in the 1989 film American Angels- Baptism of Blood. The promotion closed the following year in 1990.


POWW Championship

The title was also referred to as the WWA Women's Championship. Initially, the title was a crown worn by the champion and was referred to as the "POWW Crown". Eventually the crown was replaced by a white sash belt with metal studs spelling the words "POWW Champion" fastened on the sash.

POWW Tag Team Championship

Luna Vachon and Hot Rod Andie defeated The Blonde Bombshells (Brandi Mae and Malibu) to become the first POWW Tag Team Champions. The titles were also referred to as the WWA Women's Tag Team Championship.

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