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2021 Results

Unlimited - October 2 2021

  • Zuzu the Muscle Clown defeated Rhys Rayzelle
  • Lucky Logan Pearce and Troll defeated Rick Lloyd and Kobra.
  • B-Lars won the Contenders Cup and is now no 1 contender after defeating Edmund Blayr, Shinji, EC Brownie, Jason Storm and Yeet Stevens
  • Zoltan defeated The King Tim Kade. Afterwards Kade took his frustrations out on Ref Seb.
  • JL Gold defeated Superstar Spaceman Dacey and Renegade to crown the Nightfall Heavyweight Championship
  • Kyla Knight /w Shinji defeated Johnny Hardwood w/ Christina Kade
  • Team Flashman (Bruiser, Tiamat and James Jaeger) defeated Team Kyote (Australian Wolf, Combat Wombat and Detective Riggs) w/ Charlie D's - Winning Captain becomes Nightfall General Manager

Reality Check - November 13 2021

  • Flashman's Enforcers (The Monster- Rip Rielly and Bruiser defeated BroDay, causing The Giant Kyote to be Flashman's "special guest assistant/worker" until the final bell of the show.
  • Renegade defeated Tiamat and made friends with the newly formed tag team of Dickstorm consisting of Dick Riggs and Jason Storm
  • Tim Kade defeated Ref Seb Sundin, but was put through a table by Zoltan and his mercenary faction post match. Charlie D was also caught up in the action but avoided most of the destruction.
  • Jack Tarr defeated James Jaeger, EC Brownie, Jason Hyde, and Wacols Most Wanted Skinny D and Roach in a multiman matchup.
  • Rick Lloyd won The Nightfall Game which saw several rounds of "competitive games" full of fun and violence for all the participants. Upon winning Rick Lloyd was given a cash prize donated by Viktor Redcastle and also has been granted the chance to compete in a high profile matchup against one of Australia's most deadly pro wrestlers at the next Nightfall show.
  • Kyla Knight defeated Johnny Hardwood and Shinji in a triple threat after Christina Kade organized with General Manager Flashman to the change the match up. Both Kyla Knight and Shinji were informed that if either one failed to secure a win in the triple threat that the loser would be fired. General Manager Flashman thus fired Shinji after the match up.
  • JL Gold defeated B-Lars to retain the Nightfall Heavyweight Championship. After the match we saw some of Flashman's guys, Bruiser, Tiamat and Chad Atlas attempt to make their mark on the roster by attacking Gold and B-Lars. Jack Tarr made his presence known by coming to the champions aid. Both sides battled it out as Flashman reveled in the chaos. With the final match of the night over Kyote was released from his deal with Flashman and gate crashed the in ring chaos. The Giant Kyote stood side by side with JL Gold, B-Lars and Jack Tarr taking down Flashman's Enforcers.

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