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2021 Results

Unlimited - October 2 2021

  • Zuzu the Muscle Clown defeated Rhys Rayzelle
  • Lucky Logan Pearce and Troll defeated Rick Lloyd and Kobra.
  • B-Lars won the Contenders Cup and is now no 1 contender after defeating Edmund Blayr, Shinji, EC Brownie, Jason Storm and Yeet Stevens
  • Zoltan defeated The King Tim Kade. Afterwards Kade took his frustrations out on Ref Seb.
  • JL Gold defeated Superstar Spaceman Dacey and Renegade to crown the Nightfall Heavyweight Championship
  • Kyla Knight /w Shinji defeated Johnny Hardwood w/ Christina Kade
  • Team Flashman (Bruiser, Tiamat and James Jaeger) defeated Team Kyote (Australian Wolf, Combat Wombat and Detective Riggs) w/ Charlie D's - Winning Captain becomes Nightfall General Manager

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