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New Generation Wrestling (NGW) is a British professional wrestling promotion based in Hull, founded by Luke Ingamells in 2008 and currently owned and run by Richard Dunn. Initially a small regional company, NGW has gained critical acclaim for its strong characters, consistent storylines and family-friendly shows. Over the years, it has arguably become the top wrestling promotion in North England and one of the country's top providers of sports entertainment.

NGW is featured regularly on Challenge TV's WrestleTalk and British Wrestling Round-Up programs. In addition, it is being broadcast on a number of regional TV channels, most notably Bay TV Liverpool and the Lincolnshire-based Estuary TV.

The company prides itself on showcasing some of the best British wrestlers, but NGW shows have also featured international stars such as Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Angelina Love and The American Wolves.

  • NGW Undisputed Championship
  • NGW Tag Team Championship
  • NGW GenX Championship

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