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NWA Shockwave (NWA-SW, formerly known as CyberSpace Wrestling Federation and NWA: Cyberspace) was a professional wrestling promotion that was founded by Billy Firehawk in Staten Island, New York in 2001, and later relocated to Wayne, New Jersey. It was the earliest promotion to bring in major stars to Central New Jersey, many being seen in live events for the first time, and attracted a loyal following for its traditional "family friendly" style of wrestling. It was the single major promotion of this type to run New Jersey, other rival promotions favoring hardcore-style wrestling, and was at one time considered the top promotion in the region along with Jersey All Pro Wrestling.

The company was known for its early use of the internet to promote itself, and was the earliest known wrestling organization to broadcast its events on a regular webcast; their show, "Shockwave TV", aired on ITV until 2005. After Firehawk's death in 2006, control of the company fell to Derek Gordon, who ran the company until its close the following year.

The promotion had a working relationship with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, helped by Firehawk's friendship with Mike Tenay, which allowed it to feature TNA stars, storylines and sanction title defenses of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Upon joining the National Wrestling Alliance in 2005, the promotion became known as NWA: Cyberspace and then NWA Shockwave. It was affiliated with several other regional NWA promotions in the Northeastern United States, specifically NWA New Jersey/New York, NWA North Jersey and NWA Upstate, as well as having a working relationship with Mikey Whipwreck's New York Wrestling Connection.


  • National Wrestling Alliance Shockwave Heavyweight Championship
  • National Wrestling Alliance Shockwave Tag Team Championship
  • National Wrestling Alliance Shockwave Internet Championship
  • Cyber Space Wrestling Federation Hardcore Championship
  • National Wrestling Alliance Shockwave Cruiser X Championship
  • National Wrestling Alliance Shockwave Women's Championship

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