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NWA All Star Wrestling is a former Canadian professional wrestling promotion, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Although other wrestling promotions existed in Vancouver prior to the early 1960s (particularly a predecessor of All Star's called Big Time Wrestling), All Star (an affiliate of the National Wrestling Alliance for most of its existence) became the longest-lived and perhaps best-remembered of all promotions operating in the Vancouver area before or since. The promotion began coming into its own around the time CHAN-TV began broadcasting their TV program (also called All Star Wrestling) in 1962, when Gene Kiniski arrived in Vancouver and became a regular on the roster.


NWA Sanctioned Championships

  • NWA British Empire Heavyweight Championship
  • NWA World Tag Team Championship (Vancouver Version)
  • NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Championship - also promoted by Big Time Wrestling between 1948 and 1958
  • NWA Pacific Coast Tag Team Championship was also promoted by All-Star Wrestling’s predecessor Big Time Wrestling
  • NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship (Vancouver version) - Renamed the UWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship when All-Star withdrew from the National Wrestling Alliance in 1985
  • NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship (Vancouver version)
  • NWA International Tag Team Championship (Vancouver version - Title abandoned when All-Star withdrew from the NWA in 1985

UWA-sanctioned championships

  • UWA Heavyweight Championship
  • UWA Tag Team Championship
  • UWA Junior Heavyweight Championship
  • UWA Women's Championship
  • UWA International Heavyweight Championship
  • UWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Championship (Vancouver version)

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