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Main Event Championship Wrestling (MECW) is a privately owned professional wrestling promotion founded by Jason Daniel. The company is active in the integrated-media industry, broadcasting its events on television and the Internet. MECW also gains revenue from live events, product licensing, and direct product sales. Jason Daniel is also the President of the company and head booker for MECW events, but only currently works as a part-time wrestler on camera. The company has its headquarters in Evansville, Indiana; its official company name Main Event Championship Wrestling, LLC operates out of its offices and studios in Evansville, Washington and Vincennes, Indiana.

The current owner recognizes prior use of the "Main Event Championship Wrestling" name by Reno Riggins and Steve Doll. The company also recognizes prior use of the MECW name by former promoter John Collins. Reno Riggins and Steve Doll started running a promotion under the MECW name in 1999. According to Jason Daniel, in early 2001, Tracy Smothers and Jason Daniel facilitated the assumed transactional purchase of the MECW set from Reno Riggins and Steve Doll on behalf of former promoter John Collins. This transaction only consisted of an 18 x 18 foot wrestling ring, MECW vinyl banners and 3 championship title belts. With the WWE buyout of World Championship Wrestling, many thought Main Event Championship Wrestling was going to be the next big professional wrestling promotion. In late 2001, John Collins found himself in legal trouble and the promotion ran by Collins, which used the MECW name, ceased to exist.

Since then, Jason Daniel has not only revived the Main Event Championship Wrestling name, but he has also filed the Articles of Incorporation making Main Event Championship Wrestling, LLC a legal entity. On February 15, 2011, Main Event Championship Wrestling was filed to be a registered Trademark of Main Event Championship Wrestling, LLC.


  • MECW Heavyweight Championship
  • MECW Television Championship
  • MECW Tag Team Championship

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