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International Wrestling Association of Japan, more commonly known as IWA Japan, was a Japanese professional wrestling promotion operating from 1994 to 1996 and again from 2011 onwards. It was formed by Victor Quiñones as a successor to the W*ING promotion, which was folding at the time. Most of the wrestlers jumped ship to Quiñones' new IWA Japan group. He found a sponsor in Tatsukuni "Kinroku" Asano, a business man who owned several restaurants in Tokyo and had bought and run several wrestling shows prior to IWA Japan. After the failure of IWA Japan Victor Quiñones founded a homonymous federation in Puerto Rico in 1999, the International Wrestling Association.


  • IWA Triple Crown Championship


  • IWA World Heavyweight Championship
  • IWA World Tag Team Championship
  • IWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
  • AJPW/IWA Women's World Championship
  • AWF World Women's Championship
  • W*ING World Heavyweight Championship