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International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom (IPW:UK / IPWUK) is a British professional wrestling promotion. Vince Russo is the promotions current 'Executive In Power' and Daniel Edler is the majority owner, chairman and founder of the company. The company was established in 2004 and currently hold monthly shows across Kent and the south-east; notably in Tonbridge, Swanley, Snodland and Selsdon. They also have a pro wrestling training school.


IPW:UK World Championship

The title was established in 2005, two months ahead of the company's one year anniversary, at Weekend of Champions where the belt would change hands both nights of the weekend. Although it has been contested in various locations over the country, it has only changed hands thus far in Kent. The title's name changed when Leroy Kincaide (Leroy Dunn) unified the title with his All-England Championship. When unified the title became IPW:UK Unified British Championship as the All-England Championship owing to the England title's lineage in the British National Championship, but was un-unified on September 15, 2012 and is now recognised as the IPW:UK World Championship.

IPW:UK Tag Team Championship

The IPW:UK Tag Team Championship was established at Weekend of Champions along with their Heavyweight belt in 2005. The knockout tournament took place over two nights. Similarly the Real Quality Wrestling Tag Team Championship was decided with a knockout tournament but this took place over a series of events in 2007. As RQW moved further towards being an umbrella organisation than an outright promotion, the belts were unified at IPW:UK's Royale Rewards. Although the two belts were unified under the new name of British Tag Team Championship, the lineage continues from the IPW:UK belt. On September 5, 2012 it was announced that The RQW titles were to be put under the control of WAW as European open championships.

IPW:UK All-England Championship

The IPW:UK All-England Championship (formerly the FWA All-England Championship) was a professional wrestling championship which was originally contested for in Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) and subsequently in IPW:UK after FWA's closure. The title was established in 2001 and existed for eight years until it was unified with the IPW:UK Championship in September 2009.

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