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Grand Pro Wrestling (formerly Garage Pro Wrestling) or GPW is a British professional wrestling promotion based in the North West of England.

The promotion was founded in February 2003 by former British wrestler "The Middleman" Lee Butler. The promotions first event took place in July 2003. Events have been run regularly ever since. In August 2004, Butler handed over the reins of the promotion to his senior trainees, retired from wrestling and hasn't been associated with the company since. Since January 2005, GPW has been run by British wrestler Johnnie Brannigan. However, the name 'Richard Noble' was used as the public facing name up until Brannigan went public with his role in the company in April 2012. The promotion is recognised for building much of its own stars through the training school, whilst using a mixture of more recognised British talent and lesser known names.

There are 3 championships in the promotion. The Heavyweight Title is regarded as the main title, the British Title as the mid level title and the Tag Team Trophy.

In 2012, there was a 4th, now defunct title. Jack Gallagher introduced Gallagher's Gold, his own title which he eventually lost to Ste "Bin" Man in November 2012, who disposed of the title. Prior to the loss, Gallagher had successfully defended the title against Joey Hayes and in a High Stakes 4-Way Match featuring Martin Kirby, Cyanide and Dirk Feelgood.

  • GPW Heavyweight Championship
  • GPW British Championship
  • GPW Tag Team Trophy

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