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Evan Karagias (born November 27, 1973) is an American professional wrestler and actor. Evan was recruited to join World Championship Wrestling, and entered training at the WCW's "Power Plant" facility in Atlanta, Georgia, where he soon reached stunt instructor status. In 1997 he began his appearances on WCW's weekly wrestling shows as "The Outrageous Karagias" being used as a jobber, and has the dubious distinction of having more defeats to his record as a solo wrestler in WCW as a proportion of all his matches than anyone else. Of almost 50 televised solo matches wrestled with WCW, he won eight.

When WCW folded in early 2001 and was purchased by the World Wrestling Federation (which changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002), Evan's contract was among the 24 immediately purchased by the WWF as well. He was sent to the WWF's "farm territory", Heartland Wrestling Association. He made his debut for WWF during the Invasion as a member of the The Alliance. After a severe concussion in the ring, he was rarely seen and was released after 8–9 months without ever being used as a wrestler.

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