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Chikara (stylized in all capital letters and sometimes referred to as Chikara Pro) is an American professional wrestling promotion based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company takes both the name and logo from the Japanese kanji meaning strength. It was founded in 2002 by professional wrestlers Mike Quackenbush and Reckless Youth, who also served as wrestling trainers. Quackenbush has also been an active performer with the company.

The company focuses on promoting tag team matches, with emphasis on the high-flying lucha libre style. Two of their major events, the King of Trios tournament, originally held between February and March, but in 2012 moved to September, and Torneo Cibernetico, held between September and November, feature tag team matches. Their other major events include Aniversario in May and the Young Lions Cup tournament held between June and August. The company crowned its first singles champion in 2011, with the introduction of the Chikara Grand Championship.

Influenced by the lucha libre style, Chikara performers are grouped into tecnicos and rudos, the lucha libre terms for heroic and villainous characters respectively. Just as in lucha libre, many performers in the promotion have also performed under masks and with unique gimmicks.


  • Chikara Grand Championship
  • Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas
  • Chikara Young Lions Cup

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