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The Australian Pro Wrestling Gym was established in November 2012 and was located in Penrith, New South Wales. The Wrestling Gym was built on high quality training with a strong focus on having a positive atmosphere and a team building environment. The Head trainer was Leigh Leslie aka JAY LAW is a well travelled and very experienced wrestling trainer.

Leigh Leslie under the name JAY LAW had been a established main event wrestler in Australia for many years and had competed overseas in America, Japan and New Zealand. Leigh Leslie has trained and been involved in training many male and female pro wrestlers that have gone on to have great success in Australia and overseas.

The Australian pro wrestling gym catered to anyone looking at getting involved in pro wrestling as a Wrestler, ref, manager, ring announcer or just as a hobby.


January 30 2016

  • The Kings Of KO (Chris Abbott & Josh Gatt) defeat Diego & Paris
  • Kasai defeats Keegan
  • Alcover Vyse defeats Drew Fulton
  • Three Way: Cesar defeats 5 Star Flash and Tas
  • Jason Dewhurst defeats El Chico Chico
  • Alcover Vyse defeats Kasai

April 16 2016

  • Brad Alexander defeats Mat Rogers
  • Sam Hartnett defeats 5 Star Flash
  • Chris Hermes defeats Kasai
  • The Kings Of KO (Chris Abbott & Josh Gatt) defeat Anubis & Jason Dewhurst
  • Cesar defeats El Chico Chico
  • Alcover Vyse defeats Paris

July 16 2016

  • Diego defeats Tas
  • 5 Star Flash & Paris defeat Anubis & Jason Dewhurst
  • Gauntlet: Kasai defeats Brad Alexander and Cesar and El Chico Chico
  • Keegan Brettle defeats Drew Fulton
  • Alcover Vyse (c) defeats Sam Brewer

October 1 2016

  • Martinez Amama vs. Nate Griffin - No Contest
  • Will Kiedis defeats Brad Alexander
  • 5 Star Flash & Paris De Silva defeat Jason Dewhurst & Keegan Brettle
  • Cesar defeats Drew Fulton
  • Best Two Out Of Three Falls: Josh Gatt defeats Chris Abbott [2:0]
  • Four Way Elimination: Tarlee defeats Bindi Valentine and Jasmin and Mel Gordon
  • Kasai defeats Alcover Vyse (c)

January 4 2017

  • Keegan Brettle defeats Alcover Vyse
  • Four Way Elimination: Jason Dewhurst defeats Chris Abbott and Drew Fulton and Josh Gatt
  • Brad Alexander & Will Kiedis defeat 5 Star Flash & Paris De Silva
  • Cesar defeats Roswell
  • Three Way: Jasmin defeats Azalea and Tarlee
  • Diego Retamales defeats Kasai

May 6 2017

  • Jai Roswell defeats Alcover Vyse
  • Five Star Flash defeats Cesar
  • Drew Fulton defeats Kasai
  • Brad Alexander & Will Kiedis defeat Adam Bolton & Rob Matrix
  • Three Way Elimination: Tarlee defeats Alyna and Azalea
  • Best Of Three Series: Jason Dewhurst defeats Josh Gatt
  • Keegan Brettle defeats Diego Retamales

July 1 2017

  • Alyna defeats Azalea
  • Jasmin defeats Tarlee
  • Rumble: Kasai defeats Keegan Brettle (c) and 5 Star Flash and Adam Bolton and Alcover Vyse and Alex and Brad Alexander and Cesar and Drew Fulton and Dylan and Jason Dewhurst and Josh Gatt and Nikki Van Blair and Paris De Silva and Rob Matrix and Roswell and The Master and Will Kiedis

September 2 2017

  • Adam Bolton & Robbie Zucco defeat 5 Star Flash & Paris De Silva
  • Nikki Van Blair defeats Scott Frer
  • Drew Fulton vs. Roswell - Double Count Out
  • Jason Dewhurst defeats Josh Gatt
  • The Style Boiz (Brad Alexander & Will Kiedis) defeat Diego Retamales & Jivan
  • Jasmin defeats Alyna
  • Kasai defeats Keegan Brettle

November 4 2017

  • Josh Gatt defeats Robbie Zucco
  • Jason Dewhurst & Nikki Van Blair defeat El Chico Chico & Scott Free
  • Kasai defeats Matt Theo
  • Keegan Brettle defeats Five Star Flash
  • Three Way: Azalea defeats Alyna and Jasmin
  • Alcover Vyse & Cesar defeat Drew Fulton & Roswell

November 5 2017

  • Paris De Silva defeats Adam Abbas
  • Drew Fulton & Jason Dewhurst defeat Cesar & Will Kiedis
  • Alistair Maclir defeats Keegan
  • Brad Alexander defeats Nikki Van Blair
  • Three Way: Alyna defeats Azalea and Jasmin
  • Matt Theo & Roswell defeat Alcover Vyse & Kasai

March 24 2018

  • Three Way: Mr. Christmas defeats Cesar and Nikki Van Blair
  • Alyna defeats Azalea
  • Three Way: 5 Star Flash defeats Drew Fulton and Jorg Wolfgang
  • Bathurst Street Fight: Roswell defeats Josh Gatt
  • Alistair Maclir defeats Alcover Vyse
  • 30 Minute Iron Man: Kasai defeats Matt Theo [3:2] (35:00)

May 26 2018

  • Diego Retamales defeats Alistair Maclir
  • Dazza & Parker Tomas defeat Shayne Sheffield-Sinclair & Tanner Moe
  • Josh Gatt defeats Mr. Christmas
  • Cesar defeats 5 Star Flash
  • The Plastics (Jason Dewhurst & Nikki Van Blair) defeat The Art Of Destruction (Drew Fulton & Roswell)
  • Robbie Zucco defeats Alcover Vyse

June 30 2018

  • Alcover Vyse vs. Jorg Wolfgang - No Contest
  • Xander Bolt defeats Dan Archer
  • Three Way: Mr. Christmas defeats 5 Star Flash and Alistair Maclir
  • Dazza defeats Parker Tomas
  • Chris Abbott defeats Nikki Van Blair
  • Alistair Maclir & Roswell defeat Cesar & Jay Law
  • Keegan Brettle defeats Mr. Christmas

September 8 2018

  • Roswell defeats Alistair Maclir
  • Parker Tomas defeats Tanner Moe
  • Three Way: Ricky South defeats 5 Star Flash and Big Fudge
  • Josh Gatt defeats Drew Fulton
  • The Plastics (Jason Dewhurst & Nikki Van Blair) defeat Danger Paul & Paris De Silva
  • Mr. Christmas defeats Cesar
  • Sam Osborne defeats Diego Retamales

November 3 2018

  • 5 Star Flash defeats Parker Tomas
  • Diego Retamales defeats Jay Law
  • The Kings Of KO (Chris Abbott & Josh Gatt) defeat The Plastics (Jason Dewhurst & Nikki Van Blair)
  • Last Man Standing: Drew Fulton defeats Roswell
  • Alistair Maclir & Lozenso Vasari defeat Cesar & Mr. Christmas
  • Three Way: Will Kiedis defeats Big Fudge and Ricky South
  • Jack Bonza defeats Sam Osborne

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