American Wrestling Association Southern Tag Team Championship

The AWA Southern Tag Team Championship was a professional wrestling tag team title in the Tennessee area from the 1940s through the late 1980s. It was originally named the NWA Southern Tag Team Championship (Mid-America version) from its inception through 1977, when it was renamed (as was the Southern Heavyweight Championship, also previously an NWA title) the AWA Southern Tag Team Championship due to a partnership with the American Wrestling Association. The title existed until 1988 when it was replaced with the Continental Wrestling Association Tag Team Championship.

The title was also referred to as the Mid-Southern Tag Team Championship to avoid confusion with the various other versions of the NWA Southern Tag Team Championship in Championship Wrestling from Florida (1960–1970), Georgia Championship Wrestling (1951–1968), Gulf Coast Championship Wrestling (1955–1966), Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (1953–1969), and Southern Championship Wrestling (1981–1982),

The NWA also has its own board-controlled version, which began in 1999.

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