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The American Wrestling Affiliates, alternately referred to as The AWA or The REAL AWA, is a governing body for six independent wrestling promotions in the eastern United States and New Brunswick Canada. It was created in April 2008 when former AWA Superstars of Wrestling member promotions Mountaineer Wrestling Association and APEX Wrestling of West Virginia broke away to form a new AWA. Soon afterwards, three more promotions joined: World Star Wrestling (WSW) of Connecticut, the North Atlantic Wrestling Association (NAWA) of Maine, and Championship Wrestling of Tennessee. Innovative Hybrid Wrestling (IHW), based in New Brunswick, also joined within a month of the American Wrestling Affiliates initial formation.


The American Wrestling Affiliates currently has four championships.

  • World Heavyweight Championship
  • World Tag Team Championship
  • National Heavyweight Championship
  • Shooting Star Championship

The list does not include titles promoted by the individual sanctioned territories.


  • Mountaineer Wrestling Association (MWA) - West Virginia and Ohio
  • APEX Wrestling - West Virginia
  • Championship Wrestling Alliance (CWA) - Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia and Virginia
  • North Atlantic Wrestling Association (NAWA) - Maine
  • World Star Wrestling (WSW) - Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
  • Innovative Hybrid Wrestling (IHW) - New Brunswick, Canada

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