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All Star Wrestling is a British promotion also known as All Star Promotions, Superslam Wrestling and Big Time Wrestling and originally known as Wrestling Enterprises (of Birkenhead), run by Brian Dixon and based in Liverpool, England. Dixon's promotion tours theatres, leisure centres, town halls and similar venues, many of them old venues for televised wrestling in the UK in the 1950-1980s, as well as holiday camps. It is the oldest active wrestling promotion in the UK, and furthermore the longest-running UK wrestling promotion ever - a record it has held since September 2013, when it eclipsed the 42 years and 11 months lifespan of Joint Promotions/Ring Wrestling Stars (March 1952– February 1995).

All Star contributed to the final two years of ITV's regular televised wrestling programme in the UK in 1987-1988 and some of their matches were included on VHS and DVD compilations and repeated as part of the World of Sport programming on The Fight Network, formerly The Wrestling Channel, until it stopped transmission in 2008. These matches are currently being repeated on the Men & Movies channel.

Current Championships

  • British Heavyweight Championship
  • British Light Heavyweight Championship
  • British Mid-Heavyweight Championship
  • British Open Tag Team Championship
  • World Heavy-Middleweight Championship
  • UEAW European Heavyweight Championship

Former Championships

  • British Heavy-Middleweight Championship
  • British Women's Championship
  • British Welterweight Championship
  • European Heavyweight Championship
  • European Middleweight Championship
  • European Welterweight Championship
  • Commonwealth Heavyweight Championships
  • WWA World Heavyweight Championship
  • World Mid-Heavyweight Championship
  • World Middleweight Championship
  • World Lightweight Championship

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