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Raymond Leppan (born 20 July 1979) is a South African professional wrestler. He was recently signed to WWE, where he performed under the ring name Adam Rose. He is a former two-time FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion under the ring name Leo Kruger.

On 16 April, Rose was suspended for 60 days after his second violation of the company's Wellness Program. On 20 April, Rose publicly addressed his suspension as "not right", saying "I did not do anything knowingly wrong and was taking prescribed medication that my [doctor] and I followed all the correct protocol on." On 3 May, Leppan posted a doctor's handwritten note on his Twitter feed, indicating that he had been prescribing Leppan Adderall XR to treat ADHD. Leppan wrote that WWE had known he had the prescription for over a year. On 11 May, Rose was arrested in Hillsborough County, Florida for domestic violence and tampering with a witness. Later that day, WWE announced that as a result, Rose had been suspended indefinitely. On 23 May, Rose requested, and was granted his release from WWE.

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